24 ottobre 2023

Piattaforma Tigo Energy Intelligence : Dare potere agli installatori solari per il successo

Non credeteci sulla parola: gli installatori di oltre 100 Paesi utilizzano la piattaforma EI per gestire in modo efficiente le loro flotte, monitorando i problemi a livello di sistema, stringa e modulo da remoto, senza bisogno di interventi in impianto .
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Piattaforma Tigo Energy Intelligence : Dare potere agli installatori solari per il successo

Tigo Energy, the worldwide leader in Flex MLPE, designs innovative solar power conversion and storage products that provide customers more choice and flexibility. But did you know Tigo Energy also provides industry-leading software solutions? In this four-part blog series co-authored by our industry partner Mayfield Renewables, we will overview the Tigo Energy Intelligence (EI) platform — the most powerful solar monitoring and commissioning tool on the market. What is Tigo EI? How is it used? Why are installers winning more business by pairing optimizers with advanced software? This series of blogs is a valuable source for solar professionals overseeing multiple deployments for commercial or residential projects. Follow along with the Tigo blog to learn more.  

Tigo Energy Intelligence (EI) is a product-agnostic monitoring platform that maximizes solar site performance, minimizes O&M costs, and enables rapid commissioning for solar installers everywhere. Installers who use Energy Intelligence software can improve their offering to new customers while easily tracking the performance of existing projects.  

Don’t take our word for it — installers in 100+ countries use the EI platform to efficiently manage their fleets, monitoring system-, string-, and module-level issues remotely with no truck rolls required.  

Automated alerts ensure that any safety or performance issues are resolved quickly to increase system uptime. If a severe issue is detected, installers can submit a support ticket directly to Tigo from the EI platform.  

Best of all, the EI platform is product agnostic. It empowers you to monitor your solar production and performance data, even when third-party equipment is in use.

What can the Energy Intelligence platform do? How is EI being used by installers to scale more efficiently? Let’s look at a few key features.

Powerful Solar Fleet Management
Zoom out for complete visibility of all your installations in a single screen. Sort and filter systems by health status, technologies, locations, and more. Prioritize maintenance and service by identifying installations that require immediate attention, such as those with warnings or critical alarms. The Tigo EI Platform also allows installers to filter systems by equipment’s brands and models, including the third-party equipment, which can illuminate systemic issues or common problems associated with a particular inverter, module, etc.

Per migliorare la vostra efficienza, raggruppate i sistemi "simili", consentendovi di accedere facilmente alle informazioni pertinenti, adattate alle vostre esigenze specifiche e ai requisiti decisionali. I gruppi possono utilizzare una serie di opzioni di filtro composte, tra cui le caratteristiche del sito, i tipi di apparecchiature, lo stato del sistema e il numero di dispositivi. È quindi possibile assegnare un nome a questo gruppo e salvarlo per accedervi rapidamente in futuro.

Lo strumento EI Fleet Manager genera grafici, diagrammi e altre visualizzazioni dei dati per rendere possibile l'analisi a colpo d'occhio.

Tigo EI è l'unica piattaforma di monitoraggio che offre una visibilità completa di tutti i progetti installati e ancora da mettere in funzione. Gli installatori di Tigo sono entusiasti di poter disporre di tutti i dati importanti in un'interfaccia semplice e intuitiva, che rende possibili operazioni e manutenzione (O&M) proattive ed evita inutili e costosi interventi in impianto. Il Fleet Manager di Tigo EI consente agli installatori di ottenere una prospettiva olistica su più sistemi utilizzando la vista All-Systems. Inoltre, il Fleet Manager Dashboard evidenzia immediatamente le criticità e gli altri problemi di salute dei sistemi, garantendo un monitoraggio efficiente.

Granular Module-Level Data
When more detailed data is needed, EI can zoom into sites at a module level, with data updates at industry-leading one-minute intervals. View current and historical performance metrics or setup instant notifications if an issue is detected.  

It is highly valuable for installers to remotely trace performance issues down to an individual module or optimizer. Complete visibility into the Reclaimed Energy and the system’s ROI not only demonstrates the value of the chosen equipment to homeowners but also provides them with peace of mind, knowing they have made the right product selection. Access to granular, customizable data is a win-win for all parties involved and ensures that systems are producing at or above expectations.  

Seamless Product Integration
The EI platform can collect component data from most leading inverter and energy storage manufacturers. With Tigo MLPEs such as TS4 Optimizers installed in your solar system, whether a site uses 100% Tigo products or a mix of different components, you gain the power to effortlessly monitor your solar production and performance data, ensuring your solar sites remain in peak condition. This greatly simplifies service operations by avoiding reliance on multiple monitoring platforms for different system types.  

Once commissioned, Tigo EI allows installers to filter systems by product, which can illuminate systemic issues or common problems associated with a particular inverter, optimizer, module, etc.  

Having more product flexibility is an added benefit to both the installer and the system owner. Installers can offer a wider variety of systems, and system owners can view all their system data from a single source — regardless of the components.  

Real-Time Collaboration Tool
The Energy Intelligence Platform facilitates seamless knowledge sharing among technicians through the Notes feature of the platform. Any notes made by those working on the issue are displayed, providing a comprehensive record of its history. Using the EI Platform, the notes could be addressed to the specific team members working on the same site, facilitating collaboration and effective issue management.

Swift Technical Support
At Tigo, customer support excellence is our top priority. Open direct support tickets with ease via the Energy Intelligence Platform for swift issue resolution, with automatic transfer of comprehensive site information, status updates, and event details.

The EI platform is a win-win for installers and system owners. Ensure your installation company can meet the demands of today and tomorrow by pairing advanced hardware with flexible software. The Tigo EI platform will improve your service offering and increase your bottom line.  

To learn more about the Tigo Energy Intelligence (EI) Platform, please schedule a demo.

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